Why You Need More Rituals in Your Life

Without meaning to I’ve become an ardent fan of rituals. And I believe you should be, too. Before you go out and buy incense and beads understand I’m not talking religion here. We’re talking about the building blocks to building the meaning you want in your life.

This is not a religious practice, but it is a practice you do religiously. 

OK, let me back up.

In the TEDx talk that started this whole thing, I say that people should have rituals for the

Maximize The Surprising Power of Streaks

Some of you know about Hoots and her 10,000+ steps-a-day streak. September 21, was the 3rd anniversary of 365 days of her walking 10,000+ steps everyday. 3 and half years. Rain or shine, sick or well, busy or not, travel or home, she walks 10,000 or more steps every day.

On the 2016 on the “anniversary” of the streak her total steps were: 14 million on 1,096 consecutive days. And she’s still going.

Streaks are a powerful tool for changing and reinforcing behaviors. A streak is simply a string of behaviors — an everyday action. A behavior chain.

Streaks are most powerful when you keep a record. Write them down where you will see

Sleep More to Weigh Less!

It’s 7:45 on a Sunday night and I’m getting ready for bed. If things go as planned, I’ll be asleep by 9P. Pretty boring, huh? I admit it.

But I’ve discovered that if I don’t get 7+ hours of sleep most nights I won’t perform well. Names are slower to come to my mind. I’m not as sharp on my feet. Generally, I physically underperform.

This week I have 2 Board Meetings, a new consulting client meeting, a Gala plus I’m less than 2 weeks from my next Spartan Race (and it’s a Super). I gotta be as “on” as I can be.

My alarm will buzz at 4:30A tomorrow. And so I have to sleep.

Just another old guy who doesn’t have anything else to do? Maybe. But if you’re an old guy or young gal you really have to examine the benefit of sleep.

Do you know how much sleep you average per night? Unless you’re tracking it, my guess is like most of these kind of metrics you’ll miss it by at least 20%. Tracking and monitoring beats guessing every time. I know I’m always surprised when my tracking shows less sleep than I’d guess.

Need more convincing?