Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

You really need to step back in time to see where you’ve been.

Can you remember what was on your mind last year? Or the year before? Or ten years ago? Can you see the value of knowing what was on your mind in the past?

I do. I  love and live the value of the review.  I go back in time as often as it helps me.

I’ve become a huge fan of reviewing my day as a way of managing the meaning I have. I hate the idea that I’m sailing through my life without introspection or considering what I used to find important and have no awareness of now.

Reviewing the previous day is how I stay on track day by day. You can see what that’s like in my TEDx Talk here.

But I accidentally stumbled into what I was thinking about and focusing on 10 years ago. I seldom look back that far but it was an

Maximize The Surprising Power of Streaks

Some of you know about Hoots and her 10,000+ steps-a-day streak. September 21, was the 3rd anniversary of 365 days of her walking 10,000+ steps everyday. 3 and half years. Rain or shine, sick or well, busy or not, travel or home, she walks 10,000 or more steps every day.

On the 2016 on the “anniversary” of the streak her total steps were: 14 million on 1,096 consecutive days. And she’s still going.

Streaks are a powerful tool for changing and reinforcing behaviors. A streak is simply a string of behaviors — an everyday action. A behavior chain.

Streaks are most powerful when you keep a record. Write them down where you will see