Do The Slippery Stuff First

Yep, I am a morning person. Some of that is body chemistry and wiring. But some of it is understanding my lazy, procrastinating, pathetic self.

5 or 6 mornings a week I roll out of our warm bed to start my day. It’s not my favorite thing to leave Hoots in our warm bed. But I know in my heart that the only certain way to tackle the slipperiest of my practices is to use the predawn hours.

There are some things I’ll find time for nearly no matter what comes up. Training my body is one. I’ll find time for a workout even in an insanely busy day. Hoots’ rhythms and her walking streak help with that. She’s doing her thing. I can find time to do my thing. Plus, I feel like garbage if I don’t exercise. I know that. I hate that feeling. I’ll work to not feel that way.

Writing? Meditation? Those are slippery for me.

The slightest interruption or distraction and that train is off the rails. Without realizing it, I can “be so busy” that I don’t write or meditate for weeks! It blows my mind how that happens. But it does.

The two commitments to my ritual have to be dealt with before “the interruptions” are awake.

I don’t read email during this time. My phone is on Do Not Disturb. I only look at the tools I need for those practices.

Believe me there is nothing stirring at Casa Hoots & Thomas but me at 5A. I meditate. Pray. Do my spiritual practice and I write.

Before long there’s a dog dying to go out or Hoots fires up the morning’s playlist and that’s the starting gun for another day. At that point I’ve kept the commitments to work on these important (to me) practices. And I know I’ll get a workout in at some point in the day unless something majorly crazy happens. I’ve taken care of the slipperiest of the practices I’m doing.

So what about you? What’s the most difficult change you’re trying to make in your life? Is the physical training the one that gets bumped because of the stuff that happens in your day? Or is it the mental practice? What’s the slipperiest of these practices for you?

Whatever is the hardest for you to do consistently, that’s the one you have start on first. That’s the one you have protect like a new born duckling. That’s the one most likely to slip away from you. So build a fence around that practice. Find a way that nothing can intrude on your commitment.

That’s how I handle the slippery parts of my life. How about you? What’s most difficult for you? How do you protect the time?

Thanks for dropping by.

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