How can I participate?

Let me know what you think. For now email me at sthomas [at] wizardofads [dot]com .

I’m playing around on Instagram at ImJustST. It’s really my favorite place in Social Media land. Let’s connect over there and see what happens.

My FB page is Just.ST. It’s a personal page but my life and my work are so intertwined that you’re welcome even if I really don’t “know” you. I don’t accept friend requests from people who clearly aren’t using their real names or who want to argue about politics and religion or who show lots of skin in their profile pictures. Otherwise, let’s give it a try.

LinkedIn is a mess. I’ll be concentrating on sorting that out but it’s not a comfortable space for me yet. I’d love a few friendly faces in LI land. Come on over and let’s figure it out. But please don’t “endorsement” me. That’s so much like the old Facebook “Poke” that it makes me laugh. If you forget and do decide to give me your endorsement feel free, but you may find that I sometimes respond with non-traditional endorsements in return <grin>.

Twitter. Oh how I hate Twitter. I’ll throw a tweet that way but don’t expect much of a conversation. It’ll mostly be outbound stuff not really me. At least for now. Feel free to help me change that.

For now, this is pretty personal but I’m having fun. I’m scratching my itch in public and maybe it’ll connect with your life. Jump in, the water’s cold but worth it. 

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