So this is about “meaning?”

Candidly, I’m not always 100% sure that “meaning” has the right meaning.

This is NOT about productivity.

Nor about life coaching.

This is not about religion…or meditation…or fitness. But at least some of those are the components of the larger whole.

When it’s all rolled up I’m trying to have a life that means more. And I bet you want that, too. As I’ve said a bunch publicly, I can hear a countdown clock ticking in my head. It drives me to make every day mean a little more. Or at least not waste the day.

Watch the TEDx talk. That’s really where this begins. TED’s are less than 17 minutes. What I say on stage and in the video is the starting place. But there were so many other rabbit trails I want to pursue and share with you.

Think about this as an invitation and challenge. An invitation to share the journey with me. For us to learn together.

And it’s a challenge. What does your life mean? How can you create more meaning in your life?





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