Who’s behind all of this?

Just me.

I’m doing everything.

When I had this idea I was tempted to draw in our wonderful e-team. Good grief, I get to lead 2 ad agencies that do websites, email, social media and strategies for growth. Easy to get the best on our team to help me.

But I decided not to. They’re super busy and I don’t want to distract them from the other really important work of delivering for clients.

Plus I wondered if I could do it all by myself. Did I have anything to say? Could I say it?

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m even trying not to pull in any resources on our team even for advice. I want to see if someone like me, who understands the strategies and deals with ideas can also work the tools. I mean, that’s what this is about, right? Tools.

So. I bought the URL. I researched and found the WP Theme I wanted. I set up the hosting and the website and email. So far, the only thing I haven’t done myself is the ST logo. And rather than use Oneicity designers for that, I outsourced it, just to see what that experience would be like. (More on that another time).

And then my buddy Daniel, who’s a genius in so many ways sweeps up my digital messes and fixes the things I break.

It’ll be slow because I have a life and rather busy day jobs.

I’m starting from scratch on everything.

But I’ll get it there. You can help with suggestions and comments.

If there’s something broken or not working or wonky…it’s my fault and I’ll fix it. Let me know… email me at: Comments AT ImJustST DOT com.

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