How does this fit with Oneicity and Hoots & Thomas?

If it helps, think about this as my hobby website or me playing with my passion. Maybe it’s a bit of an obsession or even it could be a calling.

In some ways it’s about your life. And my life.

How can our lives mean the most?

How can we live our lives in the most vibrant, interesting and meaningful ways?

How can we live so that we’re not controlled by emotions (the emotions we DON’T want controlling us)?

How can we love our lives more?

Stuff like that.

Here’s another way to frame it:

Oneicity is primarily about Christian organizations influencing the world.

Hoots & Thomas is about nonprofits and small businesses growing.

Donoricity is where you can find information about my book.

ImJustST is about how people (you and me) can live our best life possible.

The lines will blur but that’ll be part of the fun.

I’ll cross promote and hopefully there will be some energizing cross pollination between the websites and audiences. As always with this digital/social/e stuff, it’s up to you.

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