Kris Hoots Thomas.

Partner in all things:

My wife.

My friend.

My business partner.

My spiritual balance.

My most-trusted critic.

She became “Hoots” to me when we were getting to know each other and becoming friends. For some reason I asked her what people who really knew her, called her.  She thought for just a second and said, “Hoots.” And so she became Hoots. And then in a relatively short amount of time we fell in love and decided to put our lives together. That was over a decade ago. And while 10+ years doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is to us. When people ask how long we’ve been married, our answer is “Not long enough.”

She is the president of Oneicity, oversees all print production, data and reporting while running strategy for several clients. And she somehow makes it all look easy.

Because of this “Hoots thing” and our businesses, it wasn’t long before people began calling us “Hoots & Thomas.”  That’s another story and another website.

If you really get to know her I bet she’ll let you call her “Hoots” too.  It’s kind of a special club. You’ll want to know her that well. She’s amazing.